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      About Computer Depot

      Computer Depot is in the business of computers for almost Two decades (Since 1993).

      Computer Depot had its humble beginning by dealing in desktops & IT peripherals. Over the years, we have strategically decided & moved our focus to Hiring of IT Equipments .

      We offer a wide array of products and services on Rent

      Rental Duration offered varies from 1 day to 1 Year

      We are geographically located in Mumbai & Gujarat
      We are privileged to have prominent Corporate Clients, System Integrators, OEM's, Dealers and Resellers as our customers from all major cities in India.We have associates with all major Indian & Global IT equipment's suppliers to serve your needs at all times & place.Our experienced technical & efficient marketing team ensures that we provide accurate & timely solutions to all your IT requirements. We at Computer Depot take pride in providing quality services and & providing value added solutions to all our clients.We believe that the Growth of Customer will lead to our Growth, and work on Philosphy of Growing to Serve & Serving to Grow.