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      Hiring Agreement

      This agreement is to certify that the client has taken the computers from COMPUTER DEPOT henceforth called CD The following are the terms and conditions.

      The equipment shall always remain the property of CD .It is for rental use only and CD will always remain the Sole Owner of the equipment

      The equipment should not be opened and or serviced for whatsoever reason by the client.

      The client should provide proper earthing & safe electric supply to the Laptop.

      Hardware maintenance will be free to the client, but client will have to pay for the losses if any caused due to Physical damages, robbery, Fire, Riots, Electricity or any other incident beyond the control of human being.
      THE equipment IS NOT INSURED.

      No software will be given preloaded.

      No free extensions will be given for data backups, client is requested to take backups before returning the equipment client will be charged for every single day extended, rate will be decided on the number of days extended. CD will under no circumstances responsible for any losses direct or indirect arising due to data loss.

      Client will have to pay all payments in advance. In case of delayed payment CD will be at liberty to collect interest @ 24 % Per month. In case of nonpayment CD will be at liberty to pick up the Laptop and take legal action against client for nonpayment.

      The laptop is for Rental period as specified in this agreement. However CD will be at liberty to pickup the laptop without notice if it felt that any breach of agreement is taking place.

      Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction.

      Signing of this agreement means acceptance of all the terms and conditions.

      CONFIGURATION OF equipment:-